Suárez de Vivero

Who are we?

Suarez de Vivero is a leading law firm in Spain specialized in labor and employment law, immigration law, social security and employee benefits, with more than 40 years of market experience. We always try to be one step ahead of our legal regulations, which are not yet prepared to adopt the 3.0 and 4.0 industry. Therefore, where the law does not give a clear guidance, we propose creative solutions to our clients to solve their employment problems.

Suárez de Vivero

What makes us different from our competitors?

We are not a typical employment law boutique. We understand our profession in a broader sense and try to link other areas of expertise with employment law. In order to do so, we work to align our clients' working teams with their business strategy, which allows us to adequate employees' working conditions to their real responsibilities and commitment; we also train human resources staff members to improve their communications with the company's employees, using tools and strategies that will allow them to improve social peace within the company.

The result of melting these services is two times successful: on the one hand, we help our clients giving them the legal support they need; and, on the other hand, we help them align their pool of people with their business strategy and culture, and improve communication between the HHRR department and the Company's employees.