Who are we?

Suarez de Vivero is a leading law firm in Spain specializing in labor and employment, immigration, social security, and employee benefits, with more than 40 years of market experience. Our team of lawyers is highly skilled in assisting international corporations that either have existing subsidiaries in Spain or wish to enter the Spanish market and establish their local operations across the country. We help employers manage all their employee-related issues, from the start of services and potential mobility between different countries to possible changes or terminations of contracts.

With our other group company, Arkos Management, we also handle essential ancillary services such as payroll and bookkeeping, global mobility, tax and accounting, and employee recruitment.

We stand out as one of the few law firms in the Spanish market that offers employers both local expertise and a strong international practice, especially as we are one of the founding members of L&E GLOBAL, the worldwide leader in cross-border labor and employment law services.

Vocation, passion, creativity, dedication to our clients, competitive spirit, mutual respect, and integrity are the principles of our profession.

Our commitment to the environment

Just as we are committed to our clients, we are also committed to the society in which we live and to the environment, striving every day to leave a better world for our children. We are particularly motivated by the fact that the work of our lawyers has a direct impact on the conservation of nature and the environment. Thus, beyond the participation of some of our lawyers in organizations such as Greenpeace, our firm collaborates with WEFOREST to help reforest the Zambian jungle, providing employment and economic support to native families responsible for the reforestation activities.

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