Why is it necessary to know how to communicate and what effect does it have in business strategy?

The incidence is complete. Sometimes we spend a lot of resources in direct communication to clients, but we don't invest much in company's internal communication which is intended to its employees.

To communicate means much more than just transferring a message. Efficient communication involves different actions at the same time, like knowing how to listen, showing empathy and above all, closeness and understanding. Also body language, facial expressions, tone, intensity and voice rhythm have a prominent role, because unconsciously we transmit and perceive with gestures more than we say with words, and this can be applied to all the areas in the company, including of course, employment relationships.

Whether if it's for recruitment, for any other employment measure, for negotiation or anything related to company's strategy implementation, it's indispensable that the professional/executive has well developed expressive skills and knows what to say and how to say it, as well as what not to say or what not to write. A correct communication training on the right people will create less employment litigation and increase the social peace.

With the help of our partner Ana de Puig, we train people in the organization to know how to communicate and to do it with effectiveness.