Payroll management

At national and international level

As a part of the services that our firm gives to clients, you can also find the payroll management, led by Esther Castaño, a service that we offer at national and international level. We give our clients with no headquarters in Spain the possibility to create a permanent establishment, or if necessary, give powers of attorney to our firm so that we can be their legal representatives in Spain.

For further information on how to proceed for a representation in Spain of a foreign company, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our payroll service includes the following proceedings:

  • Supervision of company's labor and social security procedures.
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of labor and social security duties in due time and form.
  • Elaboration of payslips, extraordinary payments, back pays and pink slips to terminate the labor relationship.
  • Information on the applicable Collective Bargaining and any significant labor regulation.
  • Preparation of contribution slips and social security payments (TC1-TC2 and TC2-1).
  • Elaboration of quarterly 111 Form of Personal Income Tax deduction and Annual summary (190 Form).
  • Deduction certificate, bank assets and social security for workers.
  • Information on the worker's cost and preparation of personnel cost lists.
  • Elaboration and renewal of working contracts: information on the adequate contract and possibilities of making subsidized contracts.
  • Processing contracts, temporary disabilities, working accidents etc. before Government Agencies (INEM, INSS, SOCIAL SECURITY.
  • Affiliations and terminations of workers, whether they are transitory or permanent.
  • Requirements and dealings before the Social Security.