How can we improve our services by making sure that your staff understands your Company's business strategy?

Strategic definition and team alignment

Strategic definition

The effect of employment law in business strategy is essential. As lawyers that are specialized in a field of law that plays a direct role on employees working for the organization, an added value for us is to fully understand our client's business strategy.

Only then can we help the decisionmakers in the Company to be perfectly aligned with the Company's business strategy.

We intend that our advice helps guarantee that the employment related decisions are not in any way superfluous, but rather correct and necessary. This will also increase the confidence that employees have in the organization.

With the help of our partner Francisco Giménez Plano Plano, we offer our clients assistance on the definition of their strategic approach and their culture, and we then transfer this communication to other areas in the Company, so that business targets are all aligned. There is a training phase with executive and non executive staff that will give them a much better understanding of their roles, the needs of other departments and the Company's objectives.

Strategic definition and team alignment

Selection and recruitment

We help the company recruit people. Our recruitment department, led by Laura Alcaraz and coordinated by our lawyers, offers complete support on the selection process, emphasizing the fact of finding the ideal candidate who fits with company's strategy and values.

The hiring will be supervised by our lawyers so that all documents that need to be signed are very clear and don't lead to different interpretations in case of confict.